Let’s be honest. New Year’s Day, for all intents and purposes, is a recovery day from that New Year’s Eve party with the carmel flavored vodka shots. And this year, because it fell on a Thursday, meant that Friday was that weird day that basically nothing got done at work.

For me, when the company left, the refrigerator was sparse, the laundry pile was high, and the bathrooms were starting to itch. Saturday and Sunday were spent catching up on all the chores I ignored over the long holiday, and finally de-Christmasing the house.

That is why I’m declaring, here and now, that my actual New Year starts today.

I love technology. I love using the computer to organize, categorize, and simplify my life. Obviously. I write a blog. I share a Google calendar with my husband so we can synchronize the lives of our six-person family. I have a ridiculously detailed Excel spreadsheet to calculate my weekly grocery budget and keep track of my spending and my savings. I review and catalogue all the books I’ve read using Goodreads. I no longer resent being reminded by Facebook of birthdays. And if I’m being completely honest, I admit that I am both physically and emotionally calmed through an hour of browsing organization ideas on Pinterest.

That said, there are simply some things that I’ll never be able to fully give up on the good old fashioned pen and paper for. I have always been a goal setter, a list-maker, and a journaler. I get excited by an empty steno pad and a brand new pack of fine point sharpies. This is why, every January, I look forward to starting a new weekly planner. Though I no longer need to make note of school-project deadlines, I still cling to the physical sense of accomplishment gained from striking through one more item on my things-to-do list.


Blame it on a whole new manifestation of my selective Type A obsessive compulsion, but for some reason, this year, I convinced myself that the six dollar pre-made planners available at CVS no longer meet my needs. Combine this notion with my love of technology, and you better believe I spent the better part of Christmas weekend searching through a myriad of free printables to create my own planner at home.

And guess what I found?


Not a single template that looked any better than what I could buy at the store. And worse? Nothing to download and simply tweak here and there to fit my specifications. So I did what any insane mother of four would do. I endeavored to create my own template.


The work was stupidly painstaking; it required a hand-drawn model, several printing trial and errors, and more than a couple SHIT!s before I got it right. Even then, once fully printed, I decided I wasn’t completely happy with it so I put my trusty paper-cutter to work and whittled it down to a more pleasing size and shape.

You better believe that in my desire for something so personal, I was completely happy to spend the better part of six nap times hunched over a computer until I got it right. But then I decided it would be stupid to have spent all that time making something that I alone would benefit from. And lucky for you, I am turning over a new leaf for 2015.

Click here to get my FREE DOWNLOAD and step-by-step instructions for creating your own customizable, personalized, completely awesome, fits-in-your-purse, less than five dollar 2015 weekly planner.

I’m not really making resolutions this year. I have some goals. And I’ve categorized my goals into some focuses. And I fully intend to, if nothing else, start each month with a clean slate, no matter what I did or did not accomplish the month before. So that’s what my 2015 planner looks like. What does yours look like?

2015 New Year’s Resolutions?

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