Just before lunch this afternoon, Eliott was sent to her room for her attitude.  As this truly hasn’t happened in a while, I thought I’d do the right thing in parenting and actually go upstairs for the “What-did-you-learn-and-I-still-love-you” discussion.  I left Carter downstairs in her high chair with some apples.

When I returned, here’s what I found:

My discussion with Eliott could not have lasted more than 7 minutes.  It is now 3:30.  Three bites of apple and a precious 7 minute power-nap was apparently all Carter needed to keep her up for the rest of the day.

(How much am I loving the fact that she didn’t even swallow that last sip of milk?)

7 Minute Lecture: the Results

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  • Mom: Have you ever read Claire’s blog?
    Dad: No. What’s a blog?
    Mom: They’re most all quite clever and she even writes some about us. Go to http://www.theundertoad.com.

    He backspaces existing addresses instead of highlighting the address bar and hitting “delete”. It takes a while. He types. Even that takes a while.

    Dad: I don’t know. I can’t seem to find it. I’ll try one more time.
    Mom: No, no, no. TOAD.
    Dad: Really? Hmmm. Oh! That seemed to work.

    We celebrated 36 years this week. It’s been a long 36 years.

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