Today I had a ten minute conversation in my driveway with my next door neighbor (in front of her husband) about our current and respective pooping schedules (our own as in, not those of our kids).  Her husband eventually interrupted with, “Wait, wait, wait, are you two talking about pooping?”

“Yes we are,” I said.  “This is exactly what I ever hoped for and imagined.  An NNBFF with whom I can talk shamelessly about poop.”

“Yeah, why don’t you go blog about it,” he said.

“What an excellent idea.”

9:30am: Poop

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  • You know, I’ve been thinking lately about all the possible ways you can use a blog. This would be the Not-Backing-Down-From-A-Dare post, which I think is somewhat similar to the Revenge post and in the broader category of Wielding your blog like a weapon. As opposed to just Expressing your opinions or trying to Shock your readers (although this post falls into that category as well). But I like the idea of Wielding your blog. How often do we get the chance to wield something? Or brandish? I’m not sure I’ve ever brandished anything.

    1. I’ve been thinking about how to brandish a blog. Really all you need to do is carry around your iPad in a satchel, or iPhone in a holster. Then everyone would know that you could, at any moment, whip it out and burn them in 3G, or 4G. Whatever the latest G is. I have no idea. I don’t even have 1G.

  • As for the content of your post, I just recently read somewhere about this concept of “scheduled defecation.” I’m not sure I understand why there needs to be a schedule. Isn’t it all about whether or not you’re pooping a lot? I mean not diarrhea or anything. But if you’re cranking out like one or two quality poops a day, why would it matter if it’s always at the same time or not? I just can’t imagine that there’s any specific health benefit associated with the schedule. What matters is fiber and throughput.

    1. As far as schedule goes, it is only important when life presents a counterproductive schedule. Many sacrifice regularity for the expense of a comfortable/secluded toilet. I have only recently come to embrace PIP (as it were) as a celebration of health, rather than the dreaded moment Maalox commercials make it out to be. I agree with you. It just so happened that my next door neighbor and I are both consistently am/bm’ers. Must be coffee.

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