A Lesson in Perspective*

I suppose I could preface this post with some sort of artistic commentary defining the brilliance of my 4-year-old. Unfortunately, I know very little about art.

In the way of introduction, all I really need to say is, keep in mind that what follows is an untouched, unedited, untitled, but certainly not unloved, gallery of pictures, captured by Eliott (and sometimes Carter) and downloaded directly from this:

*If The Blair Witch Project made you a little bit sick, consider yourself warned.

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4 comments on “A Lesson in Perspective*
  1. ashleyregina says:

    This is like that video in The Ring. I feel like someone is about to call me up and hiss, “SEVEN DAYS!” into my phone.

  2. Joyce says:

    We loved it and were moved to tears. Our granddaughters are artistic and brilliant not to mention beautiful. Hey, it was nice to see mom and daddy in the pictures too. Love ya MI Mom and Dad

  3. andy says:

    I love this. Every kid should have a camera and know how to use it. Well done.

  4. Mom says:

    Oh for the love…how long does this thing go on?

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