If you ask me where I’m from or where I grew up, I usually say Spokane, Washington. My husband, who is the 4th generation to be born on his family’s farm in Michigan, says Spokane doesn’t count and to tell people I’m a mutt. My mother is a Texan and I was born in Houston somewhat by mistake. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas, Mississippi, Washington, Texas, and currently, North Carolina. I grew up in a family of 6. My parents are both alive and still married.

I’ve been a babysitter, custodian, resident assistant, ropes course facilitator, summer camp counselor, wilderness camp (behavioral) counselor and teacher, elementary and high school classroom teacher, wife, and mother.

I possess the following set of rare skills: level-3 juggling tricks, the perfect folding of fitted sheets, owner’s manual free programming of un-programmable digital media, such as VCR’s and microwaves, egg-toss and grape toss championships (I’m the catcher), mental math, breath holding, unusually long numbers and date memorization (as long as it was learned before 2007), and french tip fingernail painting.

In all seriousness, I have written and published curriculum and worked as an online academic editor and tutor. I have done various freelance writing and editing work, for both strangers and friends. And, I dabble in basic website design. Click here to contact me for freelance work.

6 thoughts on “About Claire Wait

  • …the perfect folding of fitted sheets

    I don’ t believe you. This is impossible. If you can actually do this, you are either totally awesome (my guess) or a witch.

    Thanks for subscribing to my bloggy blog. I appreciate it.

  • How can a high school English teacher NOT know how to spell?
    And…the correct spelling is “postpartum”.

    1. First, I was a teacher and I’m not a great speller. Just because you’re a teacher doesn’t mean you have to spell right all the time. postpartum. Where did that word come from? lol. Keep rocking on Claire. I was actually looking for a falling rock sign and somehow found this site.

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