2004: Move to NC to work at Eckerd Youth Alternatives: a wilderness camp for at-risk youth; meet John.

2005: Get married; move to Greensboro to teach public high school (English).

2006: John accepted to law school in Durham; resign from job in Greensboro; get pregnant; ask for job back; buy a condo in Burlington.

2007: Eliott is born; John’s grades drop in February.

2008: A bit of a blur; plan pregnancy #2.

2009: John graduates from law school; Carter is born; John takes clerkship at Court of Appeals; resign from public school; take job at private school.

2010: John interviews with firms all over the entire state of North Carolina; resign from private school; put condo on the market; begin my new job as stay-at-home mom; buy a house; move to Winston-Salem.

2011: Begin my search for a social/intellectual outlet; John opens Wait Law; girls go to Pre-School; condo sold in July.
2012: 3rd pregnancy almost kills me; Isaiah is born.

2013: A relaxing year of stay at home motherhood – my first time to enjoy an infant every day and this one sleeps 17 of 24 hours most days.

2014: Buy a bigger house in a newer, hipper neighborhood; endeavor to become landlords with our old home; Avery born in August.

2015: John merges Wait Law with Martin and Gifford; Eliott and Carter attend public school; little ones go to preschool and I have nine hours a week of my life back.

2016: No major life changes nor milestones; everyone is still alive.

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