Though I won’t be telling any embarrassing childhood stories for John or Daniel (of which I’m sure they have many, including the time you left the choir risers in the middle of church and bit one of the boys in the name of a lesson), I will say this: whatever you did, you did it right.  John is as close to perfect (for me) as any man in the universe could ever hope to be.  Though I’ve often complained of his ignorance in the female department (especially where sharing a bathroom is concerned), I actually believe this is purely due to the fact that he grew up without any sisters.  His natural parental instincts have already given me all the confidence in the world that my daughters will one day marry extraordinary men.  They don’t have a choice.  They will compare everyone to their father.  So thank you, for John.

AND To My Mother-In-Law…

One thought on “AND To My Mother-In-Law…

  • John and Daniel are proof that you do not have to be perfect parents to raise wonderful men.
    I prayed for a man to marry who would be a good father and Larry was not perfect either but we are dedicated to to the Lord and each other and it counts. God is so good. Love you

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