About two weeks ago, Eliott started inviting me into her bed at night to talk about her day.  I swear this is something she completely made up; it was not in any way prompted by me.  Discussions start out much like the end-of-day pow-wow from the wilderness camp.  We talk about the good part of the day (“good” translated to Eliott as good behavior), the bad part of the day, the fun part of the day, the boring part of the day, and what we’re looking forward to tomorrow.  Then, the conversation often moves to more important life questions, philosophical ponderings, or princess fantasies.  (For instance, once she learned where Cinderella and every other Disney princess lives, she became suddenly interested in talking about Disney World.  Nevermind that I’ve never even been there, in her mind, I’m Cinderella’s personal paparazzi.)

Understand that through most of these late night discussions, she is also scratching my back, which is why they so often go on far longer than they probably should.  I figure, this is the one and only time in her life that she’ll actually like me, let alone scratch my back while she pours out her heart to me, so I’m maximizing on the opportunity.

Anyway, tonight’s debriefing was not entirely unlike any other night, for the most part.  But because I didn’t fall asleep during it, I had the mental capacity to record a few of the nuggets for which I so often listen to without response.

On Jesus:

“Eliott who are you talking to in here?”

“Oh.  I was just talking to Jesus.  About my bo-bo.  So he can heal it.  But Mommy, how does he heal it?”


“I mean, like, does he just look at it or does he touch it or does he have a machine or something?”

“Yes.  He can just look at it or he can touch it.”

“Well, I never see him touch my bo-bo’s.”

“That’s because he probably sends the Holy Spirit to do it.”

“Well I never saw the Holy Spirit.  What’s the Holy Spirit look like?”

“Remember on Charlie Brown, when Snoopy makes Charlie Brown invisible and you can’t see him, but he’s there?  Remember?  That’s what the Holy Spirit is like.”

“Yeah.  You know who the Holy Spirit is?  He’s Jesus’ invisible machine.”


On donuts and milk:

“Pop Pop can’t have a lot of milk because it makes him fat.”

“Who said that?”

“That’s what Mimi says.”

(After a short discussion about what “fat” means, insert my feeble attempt to teach Eliott about how to be polite in regard to this subject.)

Eliott’s very matter of fact response: “Well, I can just say, ‘Are you so fat because you have a baby in your belly, or just because you ate a lot of food?”


Before Bed, with Eliott

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