I often wonder how many of my friends living in close proximity to extended family take for granted the availability of someone to come watch their children for a night, a weekend, a sick day.

Some things I am not taking for granted right now:

  • Friends with no children who love our children as much (possibly more) than we do.
  • The courage of those friends to take on the twenty-four hour childcare challenge, times three, and then succeed.
  • An infant who, in just five weeks of life, has given me confidence that he can be away from mama for twenty-four hours, and then prove me right by being as good as I could have expected.
  • Children who can be bribed into good behavior and then totally satisfied with gas station candy as a reward.
  • A husband who knew exactly what his vain wife needed after forty-six weeks of physically feeling like poo: an excuse to dress up and wear cute shoes; a hotel; a couple meals I didn’t have to cook or clean up (or entertain children in the midst of); a bed I didn’t have to make; an open bar; eighteen varieties of bite-sized desserts.
  • A ridiculous Hotwire deal on the Hilton, the free upgrade to a room on the top “executive” floor, and then a comped breakfast when we mentioned it was our first night away from our new baby.
  • Coming home to a put-together house right at nap-time and joining two of my children in that pursuit.

Sometimes it is the little things that are actually really really big things.

And we are blessed.









One thought on “Blessed

  • Now I know why Veronica and Josh had your cute little babe this morning! I’m so glad you both got to get away for a night and…. looking mighty good I might add!

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