Remember the underwear scheme in 6th grade?  I think it was more cunningly titled “Pretty Panty Exchange,” and the idea was the exact same as every other chain letter pyramid scheme: send two pairs of underwear, two dollars, two books, whatever, one to each of the addresses above you, and in six weeks you’ll have a million pairs of underwear(!), a million dollars(!), an entire library of fabulous paperbacks(!).  I probably opted out simply because I can’t–and never could–handle the word panties.  Cringe.

Nevertheless, it always sounded too good to be true.

Ask anyone involved in Zeek Rewards and they’ll tell you that is exactly what it is.  (By the way, did that story make national news, or are we just privy to it because it happened a few miles down the road from us?)

So I’ve been nominated for a blog award.


Don’t get me wrong, I hate to offend my nominator, who happens to be a stranger and also happens to be one of my subscribers.  To be honest, those of us who take a few minutes (an hour) a couple days a week to spill forth manuscripts of life-drivvel are pretty honored to find that strangers even find us interesting.  A comment here and there is award enough.

But blog awards work a little differently from published stranger commentary.  There are rules for acceptance.  There are links that must be copied and pasted.  I am to pass along the blog-karma, not just to someone else, but to seven others.  (Full disclosure: I do not even follow seven other blogs.)  And I get it.  It is a networking thing.  It is a creative way to get others exposed to and possibly interested in your blog.  It is a great idea and makes a lot of sense.

If you care about that sort of thing.*

(*This is one of those statements where I make a completely personal assessment that has absolutely nothing to do with anything outside the confines of my own psyche and those around me assume I am criticizing them directly.  And publicly.  As if I am both that talented and socially with-it.  I get in trouble for it all the time.  If you do care about that sort of thing, you are not being attacked.  I’m just noting a little difference between the two of us.)

So at the risk of losing perhaps one reader today, I am breaking the award cycle, flattered as I am (and I am!), and simply posting these two most recent merit badge nominations to my love-me wall:


I will not, however, be passing on the love.

I realize I’m probably breaking about thirteen rules of blogger etiquette here.  If it helps, I’ll add that the one and only time I earned a 4.0 between Kindergarten and high school graduation (the half-semester in 8th grade I spent at public school), I did not actually attend the awards ceremony to collect my certificate.  Had I known it was my only chance, I might have rethought the doings of that particular Tuesday night.  (Might have also attended had I considered the inevitable presence of a Costco sheet cake, but I digress.)

So, thank you for the nomination(s), my friend by the power of DSL.

To the rest of you, thank you for reading.

I’ll try not to be big headed when my shark husband comes home for dinner tonight and I find out one of his clients went to jail today.

Blog Awards, Chain Letters, and Pass-It-On-Or-Die Notes
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