Hello, Stranger

Today is the first day of March, the first day of Lent, and the first day in 6 months that I’ve felt the inclination to publish a blog post. Something in the weather, the clean calendar, the early release day,

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An Isaiah Moment

Tonight, while clearing the dinner table, Isaiah was explaining to me that it is Avery’s turn to sit by the faucet in the bathtub. He seemed to be talking more to himself than to me, but he did earnestly care

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Back To School

Ah yes. The time of year when motherhood meets former school teacher, and I get super awkward about wanting the best for my kids but not wanting to seem demanding (and annoying) by voicing all the concerns I probably legitimately

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Things We Don’t Talk About

It was a Thursday morning, a little over a month ago; I woke up in a bad mood. It was probably a combination of several days’ poor sleep catching up with me, and possibly a little PMS in there. But I

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Happy Memorial Day

I opened my computer this morning after a weekend of mostly avoiding the Internet, to the usual flood of semi-bad news. A dear friend from High School is in the throws of a cancer battle with her 3 year old daughter.

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It’s Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day. The sun is shining, the pool just opened, my father-in-law and former college roommate celebrated birthdays yesterday, and I haven’t written a blog post since a few days after the New Year. For the first time

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2016: Hooray!

It is the first Sunday of the New Year. You know what this means. A clean calendar. A new planner. A renewed sense of energy for tackling my mundane stay-at-home-mom first world problem projects! I’m organizing. I just like to

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Christmas Perspective

I hate the holidays. I don’t hate the holidays. I sort of hate the holidays. Does that make me un-American? Un-Christian? The Grinch? Can I get real with you guys for a second here? There is a ton of shit

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A few weeks ago one of those Mommy Blog articles showed up in my Facebook newsfeed as a “suggested post” and it was all about Mommy Self Care. Curiosity got the best of me in that moment and I clicked, skimmed, and

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Dear Avery

Dear Avery, You are the fourth child. You are going to have to get used to being last, late, sometimes forgotten, and spoiled as a result of the guilt we subconsciously feel about this. We were really hoping you’d be another

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