Carter, On Her Timeout Today

Getting to the bottom of behavior problems with my children is like pulling teeth. One perpetually lies. The other tells a little bit of lots of true things, but leaves out the details of exactly what you want her to say.

This girl gets away with far. too. much.

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6 comments on “Carter, On Her Timeout Today
  1. Jiorgia says:

    Thank God that other children sound and act like mine!

  2. Jess says:

    This is super-cute, she is adorable! You guys may want to re-think feeding her chewing gum for dinner though 🙂

  3. wow. wow. wow. It’s crazy funny to me that you recorded this. and did she ever tell you what she did??

    • claire says:

      She does not like “group time.” She often gets a time-out for doing something else during group time. So I imagine she was just playing instead of sitting on her carpet square. Also, the slide issue is a repeat offense. So who knows?

  4. Michael King says:

    Heard about this at Men’s Bible Study. Well worth my time watching Carter express herself. Just for your information, they never grow out of it….telling the whole story upfront. We have a 32 year old, 27 year old, 22 year old and last but not least a 20 year old, who, without the bib, act just like Carter.

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