We close on our new house this Thursday.

Everyone keeps asking when we are moving.

“Sometime after May 8th,” I keep responding.

Normally something as enormous as packing up a four-bedroom house and moving (even three miles away) would be ridiculously stressful to me. You know me. I can hardly take my entire family on a road trip to Tennessee without planning out the packing situation for days in advance. (Don’t even get me started on airplane travel.)

But I think I haven’t really let this whole thing sink in much. Or maybe it’s the Zoloft. Either way, the panic button has not been pushed and I rather like it this way.

On the flip side, our current house just seems to get a little messier every day. (Why organize or re-organize something that is about to be boxed up and relocated completely in fewer than thirty-days, I ask.)

In light of this big change, however, it seems I can’t stay off Pinterest.

I admit this embarrassingly.

Remember when Oprah had Sarah Ban Breathnach on her show for the first time? (You know, the Simple Abundance Gratitude Journal lady?) Oh man, I ate that stuff up. I was a fairly average high school girl with minimal artistic ability. But give me a pair of scissors and some old magazines, and I could go to town on a collage-style journal. I still have a couple of them, and I admit I still kind of like them.

Well. I’ve decided Pinterest is the 2014 equivalent of the collage journal. No cutting and pasting. Just clicking. I actually have to admit that I don’t really understand the full concept of “pinning.” I mean. I know how to do it, but I don’t actually know where they go once you re-pin something. And though I seem to have somewhere near two-hundred followers on Pinterest, I haven’t actually looked at the pages of anyone I know. And I’m pretty sure I have no organization whatsoever to my “boards.” (Is that what they are called?)


I just type something in the search bar and become Alice down the rabbit hole of all things electronic and crafty.

Good Lord.

Does anyone even buy Real Simple magazine anymore?

From container garden plans to making my own herbal tea remedies from scratch to turning-closets-into-offices, someone please hold an intervention if I ever start getting excited about homeschooling materials. (And remind me that my favorite part of teaching was the work days specifically set aside for planning purposes and there weren’t actually any students present when I was happiest.)

I need to make final decisions on new carpet and paint color and my interior designer sister has already called to ask if I would please send my final ideas “through her” first, which is sort of stressful by itself because I don’t usually care about these sorts of things much. I want neutral. And I want something that hides dirt.

My mom mentioned I’d have “all summer” to hang pictures on my walls and I said, “What pictures? I’ve lived in this house for almost four years and there are no pictures on my walls.”

A good friend mentioned throwing me a house warming party and would I, at some point, discuss with her my “decorating style.”

I started laughing and said, “Just bring food.”

Memorial Day Weekend. If you live in Winston and you have a truck, a dolly, and/or a strong back, you are casually invited to an informal moving party.

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