I get headaches.  A lot.  In fact, up until about five days ago, I was having a seriously difficult time remembering the last time I did not wake up with a headache.  Some mornings (often Saturdays) it is all I can do to get out of bed.  Most mornings however, it is not a migraine which paralyzes me, but rather the combination of a sore jaw and need for caffeine.  On these mornings, I like to double up the jolt and throw back an Excedrin with my coffee, you know, in despondent denial of my drug addiction.

But I have found a cure.

To say the idea is revolutionary would be a bit of a stretch.  To say that I came up with it on my own would be a downright lie.  The fact is, all I’ve needed to do is what both John and probably Dr. Oz have telling me (and the rest of America) all along: drink more water.

Water?!  (I believe this one calls for a double fist pump.)

Every night since last Saturday, I have made myself drink about 16 ounces of water with my vitamins just before bed.  The immediate and positive results have been three-fold.  First, no more waking up with headaches.  At all.  Second, no more restless leg and mild insomnia (caused, I believe, by the St. John’s Wort).  But the best part is this: the natural waking up and necessity of getting out of bed at a decent hour (usually 7:30) because I have to pee.

Again.  Not revolutionary.  In high school, it was sort of this cool-kid thing to do to wake up early, drive to the top of Mt. Spokane, and watch the sunrise with a boy or girl you weren’t ready to admit you had a crush on.  For me, this was before my days of coffee and making-out (which, don’t get me wrong, are mutually exclusive), a simple fact which has my adult-self a little perplexed by the allure of the situation.  But alas, I indulged the cliche this-is-not-a-date, dates.  More than once in fact, despite the ungodly hour and Young Life Allstar company.  The point of this story: A tip from one of my best girlfriends (who to my knowledge, still does this crazy thing from time to time) was to “drink an entire Nalgene” the night before so waking up pre-sunrise was inevitable.

So yesterday, as I was going on Headache Free Day 5, I had a conscious thought that I might give up drinking coffee for a while and start drinking green tea instead (how do you like that Dr. Oz?).  For one thing, I actually like green tea, and for another, I think I might be developing an intolerance to half-and-half, which is really my favorite part of the coffee.

But when I woke up this morning, a cold front had blown in.  A real one.  An actual, “Hey, Eliott, you can wear your tights today because it’s Fall outside” cold front.  And let me just say how wonderful it was sipping my coffee in the car on the way to school today.  WONDERFUL.  Wonderful like reconnecting with an old friend, wonderful.  Wonderful like those days in the woods of juvenile delinquency, when all hell was breaking loose, and the only thing that made me feel like a rationally functioning adult was my coffee (because we couldn’t have anything the kids couldn’t have except coffee and nicotine) so I often enjoyed it all day and usually after dinner as well.  That wonderful.  Wonderful like I wish I could hurry up and finish this increasingly slow book and get into something that causes me to really escape for a few hours.

Green tea?  What was I thinking?  I just found the water-cure and it’s getting me hyped up on some sort of a health kick.  Oh no no no.  This will not do.  Coffee.  You can stay.  For the winter.  (And John, if you read this before you leave work today, bring home donuts!)

Cold Front Reconnections
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  • I only drink coffee if I can have half and half. We ran out of half and half a month ago. Back to tea here in barren, desolate, powered-dairy land. I found that reheating day old coffee on the stove then adding half and half makes my eyes roll back in my head with pleasure. It just tastes better for some reason. It is like coffee percolated on a propane camping stove. MMMMM.

  • As you know I have a love for coffee. I gave up caffeine but still drink the dacaf non-fat latte every morning! YEAH FOR TIGHTS!

  • Ooooo, you should totally start smoking. That euphoric feeling you got from a morning cup of coffee can be yours anytime you want through a little nicotine-worship. Consider it, Claire. If you start up, I will again, too, and we’ll kiss all our worries goodbye… Except the lung-cancer worries, I guess… But come on, who even believes in lung cancer?? Isn’t it just an urban myth we tell high school kids?

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