Unless you live under a bridge, I need not re-share the news.

I just keep wondering when God is going to renege on his flood promise.

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again.  For all the people who consciously dread bringing children into “this world” because times are worse than ever, my opinion is the very opposite.  I’m not actually sure that times are worse than ever.  I feel like there was a time far before the land of electronic instantaneous communication (with video) but certainly sometime after the invention of the wheel when it was just as dangerous to live in this world as it is today.  Okay, maybe the fear was of something smaller and not as crazy in the head as a gun wielding psycho out West (something more like a germ or a hungry animal) but dangerous none the less.

I saw the Romney brothers on Rock Center with Brian Williams last night.  Say what you want about Mormons, or Republicans, or super rich people, but between them, there’s something like thirty children.  Call me crazy, but I don’t see a gun-weilding psycho rampaging a movie theater in the Romney family future.

It seems to me those of us who are genetically intelligent, kind, mild-mannered, or just– sane, should be the ones having more children, not less.

Anyone seen the movie Idiocracy?  Just a thought…

I’m trying very hard not to be desensitized to news like I woke up to this morning.  It becomes increasingly difficult.  I imagine it would be harder in a country like Israel or Serbia.

I don’t particularly care who the person in custody is right now.  I’d really like to see them to do a study on his parents.

As a final note, on one of those posts that I try to avoid posting, I will certainly have the victims and their families on my mind today.  But I won’t be praying harder for them than I will be (and have been) praying for my own children.  I’m done believing I can change the world.  But somehow I’m still holding on to the idea that my children can.

Colorado, What The Heck?!

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  • Yes. That’s how the system works. Each generation working to make the next one better. NO ONE becomes a good person in a vacuum. It’s what God calls “family”. Smart person, that God…

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