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Holy crap, it’s October.

Thank you, North Carolina, for masking that fact through yet another Indian Summer. You know I’ll never complain about being too hot.

But seriously.

It’s October.

And that means costumes.

And you know how much I love costumes.

Yesterday I braved my one morning with both kids home to tackle the Big Box store strip. Mm hm, Winston-Salem, I’m talking a little HanesMallBoulevard action. I hope you strapped on your shopping shoes, kids, cause we got cat food, a coffee maker, shampoo, and cereal to buy!

Everywhere we went Isaiah noted the displays, and commented, loudly, “What?! Again?! It isn’t even Halloween yet!”

To which I replied, 47 times, “Actually, it basically is.”

And what better way to celebrate than with a little gallery of all my favorite adult dress-up moments (and a few kid moments thrown in for good measure).

It turns out, John and I do costumes for couples with more than just Halloween regularity.

(It turns out I do costumes for free food with more than just Halloween regularity.)

But seriously. If you are in need of some costume ideas, inspiration, or just a reason to be excited about the change in weather and the upcoming loss of an hour of sunlight, this should help.


1. Pregnant Pirate

Pregnant Pirate Costume

2. Western Sheriff and Saloon Girl (weak)

Western Costumes

3. Adorable Cows

Cow Costumes

4. Fortune Teller and Her Best Transgendered Friend

Fortune Teller and Trans Person Costume

5. More Pirates

Pirate Costumes

6. Cowboys and Indians (with a Papoose!)

Cowboy and Indian Costumes

7. Sexy College Roommate

Adult Footie Pajamas

8. The Crazy Cat Lady from Down the Street

Cat Lady and Cat Costume

9. Escape from Alcatraz

Police Man and Prisoner Costume

10. On the Spot Limericks, Jester

DIY Jester Costume

11. Coven of Witches

Witch Costumes

12. Republicans

Governor's Ball

13. Angry Cat

DIY Black Cat Costume

14. Yet More Pirates

Pirate Costumes

15. Pregnant Skeleton

DIY Skeleton Costume

16. Mad Men

Mad Men Costume










Costume Love

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