Day 9:

The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

If you ever saw the movie Outbreak I believe it was based on this book.  This non-fiction account of an Ebola breakout in North America opens with a man puking up thick black blood clots on a plane.

Yes.  Gross.

I didn’t think I would actually enjoy this book, such subjects are usually of little interest to me, and as I often read before bed, I’m not especially keen on pre-dream images of nastiness.

John actually recommended this book within the first three days of knowing me.  As my trainer at Eckerd, he suggested that reading to kids before bed was one of the best ways to establish a good night time culture (he was right) and that every camp kid loves this book (he was right again).

I pretty much did everything John told me to do that year of life in delinquent ridden woods and I credit every ounce of my success to his advice and support.  (I’m sure he does the same for me, currently.)

Anyway, this was a gross book, but I ended up enjoying it.  This is probably due to the reaction of ten teenage boys who were going on six week stretches of no connection to the outside world.  They ate this book up.

Other books that typically “make me sick” the first time I read them are most books having to do with WW1 or WW2.  Included in this list are Night and All Quiet on the Western Front.  I can say after teaching both, multiple times, I am now over that feeling I initially got in the pit of my stomach at the descriptions of carnage and death (which, in both, is mild and very well done, on a literary level), but generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of reading about the same stuff that I can’t watch on TV.

Book that Made You Sick

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  • I’m sure you want my reaction to each of your posts…so here it is. I loved this book, and I had no idea you read it in the woods. I usually sang, but if I read it was usually short stories, I tried to read The Running Man, by Richard Bachman (Stephan King) but didn’t get too far past the opening scene (and I can’t even remember why, b/c I’m sure they would have gotten into it)

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