As my iPhone anxiety slowly weans, I’m finding my hormonal re-balance manifesting itself in the form of “nesting.”  When a woman is pregnant, nesting is the technical term for “Dear-God-somebody-make-my-wife-stop-cleaning-and-organizing-things!”  No, I’m not pregnant.  I’m just saying that my hormones often seem to treat me like I am.  (This is what it means to be a woman.)  Right now, it is all I can do to stop adding more things to my things to do list.

When we moved into this “gigantic” house 6 months ago, we had enough furniture and belongings to fill not even half of it.  It is amazing to me how quickly the little things start to add up and how furniture and clothes manage to multiply like rabbits.  We’ve only lived here for 6 months and I’m sort of wishing we’d taken about half of the stuff in the moving truck and just kept driving it to nowhere.

So in a last-ditch effort to give myself more guilt after I give up the idea of an iPhone later today, I thought I’d use it for one final purposeful project.  I’m about to invite you into a very personal part of my life.  This actually makes me a little bit nervous because I like to pretend that I’m just as Type-A as John.  I like to pretend that I’m skilled at organization even if I don’t pretend to like it.  (As a teacher, my classroom was really neat and organized, and my system was so simple I could put actual students to work at my Type-A tasks, and found success in the form of dictatorship and delegation.)  But the current truth is that John is directly responsible for most of the tidiness of my house.  Once my home became my office, all things Type-A went the way of my high school novel collection.  That is to say, they remain in a classroom somewhere, either ignored or abused by strangers.

Everyone knows that when it comes to productivity, Step 1 is to make a plan.  Thank you iPhone, for Step 1 completion.  Step 2, in my mind, is to get others involved.  Perhaps more for the purpose of indirect accountability, I’m involving others by revealing my To-Do list.  Much of the following should be pretty self-explanatory, at least for John, who is really the only person other than me who needs to understand the madness.

Things To Do List (honey), in Pictures taken with my iPhone:

Happy Weekend!

Dear iPhone, Before I Say Goodbye
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