The first person to put all the right answers in the comments below gets a special Easter surprise in 2018!


Eliott –

Last night I was a crafty little bunny.
I had a new idea I thought would be funny,
Fill this bucket with treats,
Using clues that are sweet
The next one is in a ____________ that’s sunny.


Hooray, you solved the first clue!
Happy Easter, now don’t you get blue.
You can skip, hop, or scurry
Crawl or tiptoe, just hurry!
Your next clue is hiding in a _____________.


I bet you thought that was easy,
Then give your brain a little squeasy.
Because the next treat is hidden
In a place that’s sometimes forbidden,
Think of snacks that are not sweet, but __________.


At breakfast time what do you pick?

Not a lollipop that you must lick.
If it’s oatmeal you prefer
But not from a pot you must stir
Look in here, for food that cooks _____________.


If you’re tired, you should stop for a drink.
There are yet more eggs that are pink,
But try not to stop
At the fridge for a pop
Because your next one’s under the ___________.


If your mommy is mad you appease her,
You’ll do anything to be nice and please her.
While I was hopping around,
A very tidy house I found,
But who keeps their peas in the _______________?


You’re almost done, did it take you an hour,
To solve my clues that are sweet and not sour?
I know you don’t often make
Things from scratch, like, to bake,
But if you did, you’d most often use ____________.


There once was a girl with nice hands,
Who could not fall asleep without fans,
She helped her mom cook,
Now she’d be smart to look,
Low not high, in the pots and __________. 


You can pan fry an egg or boil it,
You can wax wrap a burrito or foil it,
But your next clue won’t stink,
Though it’s not in the sink,
Look behind you, it sits on the _______________.


Very good, you are finished, your done!
It is okay that you are not number one,
Now be sweet to your brother
And be kind to your mother,
Love your Dad and your sisters, and have fun!