I think I’ve said this before. Summer is by far my favorite season. I like the summer minimalist wardrobe and everything that comes with it – less laundry and less time putting on shoes. I like hot weather. I like going to the pool and the long afternoon naps that follow.

Now that we live in our new neighborhood, I actually crave the relaxed schedule. There is something huge to be said for the fact that I looked forward to Fall Break this year – a full five days without school, and me with four children.

(I’m actually starting to understand why people choose to homeschool.)

I like long days, warm nights, sleeping in a little bit, and impromptu weekend gatherings around grills and coolers. I like eating mozzarella with tomatoes and basil from my garden and the abundance of cheap fresh fruit.

It is not by mistake, therefore, that I’ve chosen to live in a state with unusually long summers.

But it seems it is finally Fall in North Carolina. I only know this because every time I sign on to Pinterest lately, I’m scrolling through pages and pages of pumpkin recipes and crock pot pictures.

I can’t deny the mild excitement of wearing boots and sweaters again, even though¬†the official warm-to-cold wardrobe switch in North Carolina is a six week tease. I also look forward to the time change, and putting my children to bed when it is actually dark outside.

I’m trying desperately to enjoy wrapping up my babes in layers and expecting the afternoon carline to be far too hot for tights, though the morning was far too cold for flip flops, and I’m soaking in as much beauty as Fall has to offer because I know that overnight and without warning, it will just be winter.

Maybe I will come up with a really great Halloween costume this year. Maybe John and I will get around to composting dead tomatoes and planting our my winter garden. Maybe I will finally teach Eliott how to really use her knitting loom. Maybe some of my pre-pregnancy jeans fit now. Maybe my children will like butternut squash soup this year.

Or maybe not.

But I will enjoy my coffee today for its warmth both physically and emotionally. I will try not to shudder as Christmas commercially pops up on TV and in stores. I will put away my beach reads and embrace some bubble bath reads. Oh yes. And I will put my garden tub to good use.

Embracing Fall
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