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2016 Review

For those of you keeping up with my garden journal, thank you. I continue to (attempt) to write these posts, which often contain more container garden pictures than description, so I can refer back to them later to see what worked and what didn’t work each year in my garden.

I am still working on transferring old posts to this website. Patience. Alas.

October 11: Ending the Season

Basil went crazy. Made several batches of pesto.

Cucumbers never really turned a nice deep shade of green, but I picked them small and they were great. The climbed the trellis really well, and were relatively low maintenance. Made lots and lots and lots of refrigerator pickles.

It seemed like the tomatoes and the okra were never going to die. Okra was by far my most abundant crop this year, and we got so tired of eating it roasted I pickled it using Alton Brown’s recipe. Not bad. The rest I just finally ignored and let grow huge. I left these in Bed 2 over the winter.

It also seemed like my tomatoes would never turn red (it was too hot), so I ripped them all out and put them in a box in the garage. The eventually almost all turned red and we finished them with the last of the basil.

The end of the tomatoes.
My first time pickling and canning.

I also planted Brussels sprouts and spinach once I cleared out the tomato beds hoping to over-winter them. Because I know so much about this. (The spinach promptly died.)

2017 Season Begins

March 4: Cleaning out and Prepping Beds

Lavender didn’t make it.
Sage is coming back.
Surprise! Potatoes from Bed 2.
Bed 1: Brussels sprouts looking bad, added spinach and snow peas (along trellis).

March 10-20: Overnight freezing temps force me to force John to go out and cover Bed 1 with a tarp.

April 9: Plans for Expansion

I decided that my back yard is honestly just too hot and sunny for many things (tomatoes, spinach, herbs) to grow well. Things that grow with a little less attention and water (okra, zucchini) will stay and I need to figure out how best to use the rest of the space.

Meanwhile, I had John build me three more SIP irrigation beds on the side of the house. This area still gets a pretty good chunk of full sun during the day, but starts getting shaded by the house around 3pm, which cuts a lot of the heat. Hoping tomatoes and basil do better down here.

Beds 3, 4, & 5: plans for tomatoes.

Things volunteering from my compost pile: pumpkins (of course) potatoes, and maybe a cherry tomato (fingers crossed).

Out of three blueberries, one died. Raspberries are coming back just fine.

Moved the more visually appealing planters to the front of the house and will try to do herbs there, again. Will see if the parsley I moved inside bounces back.

April 26: After the Flood

It rained here for almost 4 days straight. Sugar snap peas have taken off. I managed to get my tomatoes in the new beds and went ahead and put cucumber just in front of the peas (so they can have the trellis when the peas are done) before the storm. Everything else just sat out until today.

Annual Tanglewood Plant Sale hit in the midst of the rain (pro-tip: it always falls on or around Earth Day) and I didn’t make in time to get my favorite “Sugary” cherry tomatoes and lavender.

Bed 1: Spinach & Cucumbers in back, spinach on right, zucchini in front.
Snow Peas (and later cucumber) on trellis.
Bed 3: Goliath tomatoes
Bed 4: Goliath Tomatoes
Bed 5: Roma in back, cherry(?) in front, Mint back left
Cherry tomato close up.
Volunteer Pumpkins
Lemon verbena and Salem rosemary.
Parsley, Asp rosemary, and dill.

Things To Think About, Things to Do:

  • add 3 blueberry
  • add 1 raspberry
  • add lavender
  • figure out a place for cantaloupe (container?)
  • add okra to Bed 2
  • root veggies between okra?
  • add trellis to front of Bed 1
  • move sage to a shadier spot
  • citronella?
  • add basil to tomato beds
  • stake and tie up raspberry
  • cover blueberry’s for birds



Garden Journal #14: Plants and Plans 2017

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