Call it kismet, call it karma, call it the balance of the universe or simply the truth of Galations 6:7, but I have always believed that things happen for a reason.  I don’t knock on wood nor do I avoid out loud gratitude for streaks of good luck, good health, or good fortune for fear of jinxing anything.  Though I do suffer from bouts of anxiety and worry, this irrational and hormone-induced stress is most often aimed at my immediate circumstances and rarely does it cloud over my rosy outlook on the big picture and my own sparkling future.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not walking around in the naive belief that good things happen to me because I’m a good person.  (God knows, kindness and unconditional love for strangers–especially those who immediately strike me as of the ignorant variety–doesn’t come easily for me.)  But it isn’t like I bow my head at night muttering, “Thanks Lord, you know I deserved that today.  As long as you keep it up, I’ll keep it up.”

I do, however, like to think that a lifetime of returning stray carts in parking lots is one reason why all the cashiers at Harris Teeter treat me so well right now.  I like to believe that my luck with prime parking spots on rainy days with my children comes from a time in my life when I chose to park far away for no reason.  And financially speaking, when I consider that John and I are miraculously avoiding serious debt and managing, against many economic odds, to raise our family, grow a new business, and allow me to stay home with my children, I give credit to the fact that both of our grandfathers and fathers were God-fearing and honest businessmen.

So in the last three weeks or so, John has picked up a couple of new clients who found him on the Internet and chose him based purely on his Google reviews.  I have to admit, as a consumer, I very often rely on the Google review to be the first and most convenient place for a product or service opinion, however, as opinionated (and succinct, and tactful, and gifted with words) as I am, I’ve never actually written a Google review.

Until now.

Today, I began in investment in Google karma.


After a productive, but not particularly restful weekend, and the prospect of a busy and stress-filled week ahead, here’s a quick plug of wife/mother/consumer -support, sent out to the Internet cosmos in the hopes of a fruitful return.  God speed.

Google Karma

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