7 thoughts on “Has My Kohl’s Account Been Hacked?

  • I’m getting as many as 3 of these password change emails a week. Yes, my account has actually been blocked. Calling them and complaining is a waste of time as they outsource their customer service overseas and they just follow the script. I like your idea of not changing it until you actually go into the store. Makes sense.

  • My Kohls account was hacked yesterday. I received an email stating that I had purchased a $200 item and that is was being sent to a person and an address that are neither me nor my address. At the same time I got another email saying my shipping address had been changed. I saw the email and called Kohl’s approximately 45 after receiving the email. They cancelled my credit card, issued me a new card, and told me that the order would not go out. This morning I receive an email saying that my order had been shipped (with a nice exclamation point at the end!). As soon as customer service opens, I am calling them to cancel my credit card and close my account with them. Too much incompetence. I am not paying that charge, so it’s up to them what they do now about it. I am not doing to waste any more time with them.

  • I received that EXACT email twice this month…once seemed random, so I kind of ignored it after I changed the password. However, this time, I took it seriously because it also cancelled my order from the day before. The nearest physical location of a Kohl’s is two hours away from me and in a state with sales tax (we do not have sales tax here and on a large order, like school clothes for all my kiddos, it’s a large expense). I ordered online nearly $300 of school clothes, then went to get a glass of water. When I returned, literally 5 minutes later to double check my order, my Kohl’s cash was gone. In a hurry, I submitted the order anyway around 10:00pm.

    The next day at day, at 6:20pm, I received the emails, including this one:

    “We couldn’t complete order #xxxxxxxx (correct order number, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us to figure out the next steps toll-free at 1-888-890-1755.
    You have not been charged for this order. If you used Gift Cards or Kohl’s Cash on this order, the amount will be refunded within the next 2 days. Since you have not been charged, no Kohl’s Cash has been accrued.”

    HOWEVER, my bank account HAS BEEN CHARGED.

    A call to Kohl’s followed exactly what you stated….change of password. Then, a 40 minute wait while I was transferred to the “fraud department” who had to take ALL of my personal information again, after assuring me that they would re-order everything and that I had NOT been charged, despite what my online bank statement is showing.

    I am SO frustrated!! But, it’s making sense now. Thank you for the post. This information is really hard to find!!

    1. It is insane. The only reprieve I found was to just NOT change my password at all until the next time I needed to log in. I just took advantage of the triple overlap on coupon codes and free shipping to get all new socks and underwear for my kids. Placed that order last Friday. I went ahead and took the computer generated password this time, whatever, right? I got an email by Saturday that my account has been locked again. I’m leaving it. At least while my account is locked, no one else is trying to get in. I cannot believe they have not figured out a way to better protect themselves and their customers. (Otherwise wouldn’t this be happening with Amazon and other online accounts?)

  • Every single week I’m getting this email! I called and asked them to stop them I get it again. I spoke to someone on chat yesterday, oh I’ve reported it. Another email comes today!! I told him I cannot come up with any more damn passwords. They also said it does it if you haven’t been in your account in awhile. Umm, no I was in earlier this week.

    This is insane there is no need to lock your customer’s accounts every freaking week!

    1. I’m guessing you didn’t read this entirely TOO long post, but just don’t change your password until you need to get into your account again. I’ve ceased getting the emails because my account is just currently blocked. It is an issue with Kohl’s security, for sure, but it means that someone is trying to access your account constantly.

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