I asked John this morning.

Someone had mentioned king cake on Facebook and I thought, “Where did January go?!”

Alas. It has been a long winter in North Carolina. I know I shouldn’t complain but there’s a reason I moved away from Washington State.

We’ve actually had snow days this year. Several, for North Carolina. And all of them legitimate, I might add. It began snowing here two Wednesdays ago, and didn’t stop until that Friday. The girls were out of school for three days and I was looking at President’s Day (Monday) with loathing.

But it turned out to be a wonderful weekend. John came home from work early when the snow started and spent the next three days making up for all the time he spent at the office over Christmas break. I didn’t go anywhere for 48 hours and my dream boat son took longer naps than he’s ever taken in his life. John spent almost three straight days with the girls, giving me time to do nothing. In my pajamas.

It was bliss.

So I knitted a hat. Then I read up on homemade broth and stock, and made my own beef bone broth (which I wrote all about here). I finished my book for book club an entire week early. And I did a whole bunch of laundry.

Then, our perfect little private school decided to turn the President’s Day holiday into a make-up day, another gift.

And then the sun came out. And it warmed up to something like 65 degrees. And I went without a coat and I smelled Spring in the air, and I’ve been fantasizing about homegrown tomatoes and fixing my herb garden ever since.

A few weeks ago we put an offer on a house. It was a short sale (which is a bit of a joke considering many people warned us it could be up to eight months before we hear anything) and we were not the first offer to go in. We know we offered more than the first offer, but apparently Wells Fargo has this thing where they will not look at all the offers on the table and take the best one. Long story short, they went with the first offer and we didn’t get the house.

I was a bit devastated. I love the neighborhood. I loved the house and the yard. I had already planned over half my organizing scheme in all the extra closets I was about to have and mentally plotted the enormous garden I was going to grow with all that yard and very little shade.

So now I am on the other side of a minor disappointment and trying to convince myself to look again at what I have with more gratitude. I have to fight the urge to believe that something will still fall through and we’ll get a magical phone call in the next couple of days with good news. I have to fight the urge to look out my back window and shudder at all the work my current back yard could use. I have to encourage my husband when he talks about projects for this summer – despite the fact that working on this house seems like a waste of resources to me when I so desperately want to be somewhere else.

It is funny how my humanity can so quickly catch up with me like this.

So I cleaned out a couple closets this week and made a big trip to my consignment store and a big trip to Goodwill. In the face of remaining planted for now, I will press forward with my urgency to purge, and keep things as simple as possible, despite the fact that I’m an American with a Sam’s Club membership.

I would make promises to check in more regularly, to write more often, and to stop neglecting this little blog. But no such promises can be made with any sort of confidence that they will be backed up. As I enjoy this quiet and sunny Saturday morning, mundane as it may be, I’m only delighting in momentary comfort. Glad you joined me.

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