In the name of Fall, and what I assume is a hormonally induced burst of creativity, I have found myself in Goodwill and Joann’s Fabrics more times this month than I have all year. I have wielded felt, a hot glue gun, duct tape, and duct tape¬†sheets.¬†And thanks to Google Images, I’ve surprised myself, artistically speaking.

Without further ado, I’d like to provide evidence that as the cleanest most type-A parents to ever live, every once in a while, we aren’t total deadbeats in the name of fun. (What you do not see pictured is the stick horse we created for Kindergarten Wild West Day, nor the backup costume that doubled as Hey Diddle Diddle, the CAT and the Fiddle for Nursery Rhyme Party Day. Perhaps an update, soon.)

The set up.
Note the smock.
Let the fun begin.
It took a long time to get her to put her hands in the goo. We do not have a future surgeon here.
Not a lot of supervision happening in the face of sharp objects.
Don’t worry Mom, they still have all ten fingers.
While the girls carved pumpkins, I found another activity.
Can you guess which one is Eliott’s?
Ribs in place; trying to figure out fetus size and placement.
Free-handed this, based on a picture of an actual baby skeleton. I should sell templates.
NOTE: $5 Velvet Goodwill Dress did not make the best canvas for duct tape adhesion.
The Winner




Let the Holiday Festivities Begin

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