It’s official.

I can die now.

John and I finalized (and signed!) our wills today.

Discussing the plans of the day over breakfast this morning, Carter announced that if only one of us dies, she hopes it is me, “…that way we can still have Daddy.” At least I know where I stand. And Eliott had one moment of pleasure at being the firstborn (but not only) when she realized that she would turn 25 before all of her siblings, meaning she’d be the first to receive her share of the inheritance.

Ahh. The circle of life. Putting things into perspective, one dollar at a time.

Wednesday is always a bit of a long day. Carter gets out at one and Eliott at three, which means there is really no point in going home in between. It also means the boy must push through a long afternoon of errands and take a much later nap than he or I would like. For hump day, I look forward to the fact that it is always productive. But I’m always left completely drained at too-late-in-the-afternoon-to-justify-a-nap-myself time.

The car was already full of groceries and exploded art projects in the back seat when we picked up Eliott. Both Carter and Isaiah had each had their share of sugary free samples and the crash was coming with the peeking of the afternoon sun in the carline. I just knew I didn’t have it in me to put up with the amount of things that would need to be done when we got home, and the level of whining that would come with them.

So I made a list on the whiteboard, and offered ten cents per job.

The last forty five minutes of near-silence (and clean house, car, and dishwasher) brought to me by the best $1.20 I’ve spent all week.

Life Checklist and a Moment of Positive Creativity

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