So I realize how very little I’ve updated the blog this summer.  The reasons are several-fold.  (1) I never did get rid of my iPhone allowing the majority of my daily computer time to be complete at the breakfast table within but one cup of coffee.  I’m not sure if it was teacher discount or the sudden rise in Wait Law productivity which prompted me to keep it.  Either way, barring an accidental drop into a lake or toilet, the iPhone stays.  And though it can, and has been done, using it to type an entire blog entry is far less appealing than not writing at all.  (2) Both of my sisters are getting married in the next 3 months, a fact which nulled and technically voided my manifesto to avoid official participation in any wedding after my own.  (A further fact of which I was fully aware at the time of my original declaration.  Who could have predicted that both of my only two sisters would actually get married, and then, in the same year?  *Answer: possibly my mother-in-law, who successfully wed-off both of her sons within 2 weeks of each other.*  Furthermore, I play not only the role of a married bridesmaid (just hate the substitution of “matron” here) but also the mother figure to the flower girls.  Result: lots of dresses, shoes, decisions (not necessarily mine but of which I play a role in the process), celebrating, emails, phone calls, and traveling.  *Aside to the brides-to-be: in your potential wedding planning stress, do not read into this as complaint or begrudgery.  Simply noting the reasons for summer busyness which might have otherwise gone undocumented.*  (3) I have enjoyed an afternoon nap almost every non-weekend afternoon that I have been home with my children.  In fact, revolving my daily schedule around nap-time has never been more selfishly motivated.  For those of you who will understand this, compare it to siesta during every session of counseling anything but CIT’s or 8-year olds.  And then there was… (4) Swim Lessons.  (5) Vacation Bible School  (6) Trip to Michigan.  (7) John and Claire’s 4th of July celebrate-pregnant-friends-around-North-Carolina-who-do-not-include-Claire weekend trip without children.  *We drank because the mothers could not.*  (8) Trip to Tennessee.  (9) Bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

This brings us to today.

I have a little bit of jet-lag which I have exactly three weeks to get over before the wedding in Spokane, my 30th birthday, the beginning of school, the wedding in Tennessee, and Thanksgiving in Michigan.

So forgive me for my lack of summertime stories to tell.  It isn’t that they do not exist.  It is more that they lose their luster when compared to that ever tempting afternoon nap.  And  by now we all know my stories are good like a soufflet is good: timed to perfection, served immediately, and, if left unfinished, really no way to bag up and take home the leftovers.

In every way, our summer has been mostly non stop excitement.  But none of it is happening in Clemmons.

Things are pleasantly boring around here.

And if you need me, I’ll be at the pool or the gym all week…catching up on my reading for Book Club.

Mid-Summer Vacation Update

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  • You are going to be in Washington huh? Is the trip long enough to plan some time to get together? I would love to see you again and get the kids together. We’re in Gig Harbor, let me know…

    1. Unfortunately, my time is literally scheduled from sunrise to sunset for the short weekend. Seriously, I’m already wondering when my kids are going to sleep and have even hired a babysitter for one night. Trust me. This would not be the weekend to reconnect.

  • I understand – our summer has been packed also. This might be your norm, with family all over the country and the girls growing up……. enjoy the naps. Love ya

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