December 21, 2009 (from an email to my sister Erica)…

Eliott scolded the sun today.  It was shining in her eyes as we drove home from school.  From the front seat I’m listening to something like this: “No.  Go.  Away.  I’m talking to Mommy right now, leave me alone.” It took me a second to realize who she was talking to.  I turned around to find her maneuvering in her carseat to find a shady spot and waving her hands in front of her eyes trying to block it out.

You go ahead and tell Dragon [Erica’s husband] that although I may be but one grain of sand in the world…I happen to be the only grain of sand who gave birth to Eliott Wait…and she’ll be the hermit crab that carries me to the throne of greatness.  Just wait.

Mother’s Day Countdown Tribute Part 2

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