In honor of this Sunday, I feel compelled to share some of my favorite mom stories.  Some about my mom.  Some about myself as a mom.  Perhaps some archived Eliottisms will make their way out of the vault.  Anyway, consider it a theme, for the next few days, and thank Hallmark for it.

This is my favorite Sarah Paulus computer story.

January, 2000
I am in Waco.  My mother is in Washington.
We are communicating via land lines.

Well, I’ve been trying to check my email.  But ever since you left, every time I turn on the computer, I think I’m looking at your email.  I’m not sure what you screwed up, but I just want to see if my Land’s End order has shipped.  How do I do that?

Oh.  Sorry Mom.  We both have Hotmail.  I signed out of your account.  You just need to click the sign out button and re- sign in with your own account name.

Okay.  How do I do that?

Well, do you see the button that says “Sign-out?”


Or maybe it says, “Log-Out.” I’m not sure, I’m not on the computer.

‘Sign out.’  ‘Sign. Out.’  Oh-kay.  I’m looking, I’m looking.  ‘Sign out…’

(Meanwhile, I’m logging on to my roommate’s computer.)  Okay.  There it is Mom, do you see it?  It should be in the top right corner.  It’s a gray button right next to the button that says “Account.”

No…  (I can actually hear her raised eyebrows.)  I’m not seeing it.

It’s not very big, but there’s nothing else around it.

Well, I’m looking, I’m looking.  I’m really not seeing this thing.
Just direct me from the space bar.

Mother’s Day Countdown Tribute
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