You know I’m a sucker for a brand new calendar. I get excited about re-starts. A new journal. Empty gradebook. Clean sheets. Serenity now.

So obviously I’m not against New Year’s Resolutions. I tend to make them and I tend to keep them. In my adult life, the secret to my success has been to focus on but one resolution for the year, and to make it realistic.

I can only remember a few specifics.

2007: The year I had Eliott my resolution was to run another marathon (a mid-November-of-2006 pregnant decision, admittedly, out of fear of losing baby weight). Check.

2010: Two years ago my resolution was a financial package: to find and get my children enrolled in an affordable pre-school, to find and purchase the best deal for health insurance, to join a gym we could afford, and to lower my grocery budget. Check.

2011: Last year it was to have a baby. (Again, a financial goal, as my super high deductible cheap insurance necessitated getting pregnant and delivering between January and December to keep things as cheap as possible.) Check.

This year, I have not made a resolution. I’ve tossed around various ideas, but, blame happy-baby-hormones, I’m feeling pretty content right now. I’m not sure any changes within my immediate control would actual bring improvement.

I might have gone with the obvious and simply said lose the baby weight, but genetics and breastfeeding have been good to me. I might try to train for and run or bike in another fairly substantial race at some point, but the idea of working -right now- sort of makes me feel sick to my stomach. I’ve considered setting a goal on Goodreads to read a certain number of books, but that would crush any sense of success I feel at the end of a year when my statistics page reveals numbers I was never paying attention to in the first place.

I’ve given up on the idea that I’m going to contribute to our finances right now, and I’ve made peace with that.

So I’m thinking about finally sitting down and watching all the Harry Potter movies.

Not all in the same day.

But all of them. At some point. Before 2014.

**EDIT: Just found this from a previous blog.**

2012 Resolutions (list in progress):

  • Find a different dentist and a different family doctor.
  • Get my butt out of bed before my children Monday through Friday.
  • Teach Eliott to tie her shoes.

New dentist and new family doctor: check.
Waking up before my children: hah.
Teach Eliott to tie her shoes: check. (I accomplished this one night at the dinner table. It is a Kindergarten requirement. First, I said to John, “I taught her how to swing on swings, her phone number, and her address. You can teach her how to tie shoes.” Then, I grabbed an apron, put it around my leg, demonstrated how to tie about three times, and she learned in less than eight minutes. Final comment, “Never mind honey, I guess I taught her how to tie shoes too.”

New Year’s Resolution Time

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