I used to create elaborate lists of resolutions, typical mundane things like exercise my heart, mind, and body in new and exciting ways, on a more consistent basis or be kinder to my family, friends, strangers, humanity in general (I’ve maybe accomplished a quarter of that one and it is an ongoing struggle), and, according to my high school and college journals, this one seemed to be a particular favorite: make time every day to read my Bible and pray. (*God, does it bother you that we Christians have to write you into our daily and yearly to-do lists to remember to talk to you?)

I have to admit, I’m a little embarrassed about such resolutions now. Don’t get me wrong, half the people reading this blog probably made similar ones this year, and admit it people, you do every year. So can I submit a new method of resolving? It is by no means a Paulus family tradition, but when we are together on New Year’s Eve, I try to ask everyone if they accomplished their New Year’s Resolutions. The only one I ever remember was when we lived on the South Hill in Spokane, and Jeff physically demonstrated the accomplishment of his one and only resolution. He wanted to be able to sit on the floor, Indian style, and using only his hands and arms, lift himself into a handstand.

And he did it. Right there on the kitchen floor. Before returning to his root-beer-float.

Remembering this moment later in life, one year I decided to start making more realistic, simple, and measurable resolutions.

Accomplished Resolutions of the Past:

  • 2008: Run another marathon to lose the baby weight. (In hindsight, this was one of the stupidest goals of my life.)
  • 2009: Make another baby and quit my job.
  • 2010: Keep track of and lower our grocery budget.
  • 2011: Start writing again and make dental appointments for myself and Eliott.

Accomplished Non-Resolutions of the Past:

  • 2009: Child #1 is potty trained.
  • 2010: I teach Eliott how to pump herself on swings.
  • 2011: Child #2 is potty trained eight months sooner than child #1; John teaches Eliott how to ride a two-wheeler.

2012 Resolutions (list in progress):

  • Find a different dentist and a different family doctor.
  • Get my butt out of bed before my children Monday through Friday.
  • Teach Eliott to tie her shoes.

That’s about as far as I’ve gone into my plans for 2012, but I’m feeling fairly confident that in light of such resolutions, this bodes to be a pretty fantastic year. Of my cheesy and non-measurable goals, of course I always want to spend more time with quality people and quality books, and waste less time with not-quality people and not-quality Internet. Feel free to post your own 2011 accomplishments or 2012 resolutions below. I’m always interested in both.

New Year’s Resolutions

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  • Just LOVE your page. As for Resolutions I left it on the floor, in the trash can, wait maybe on my desk waiting someone else to approve. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Used your post as my relative article, others should read it. 😉

  • Last year I wanted to see at least 3 stage plays and one of them with Bella. We saw many more than that and Bella even acted in one! i wanted to finish the first draft of a book. that didn’t happen, but I am one scene away from writing a musical and talking with a theater company and their music director about putting it on. I am still biting my nails, but thanks to Flylady.com I am sucking much less at housework. We didn’t ride horses on the beach…but then again skydiving was on my list for three years before I finally got to do it, so I’m not worried. As for this year all I have so far is Go to bed at a decent hour…which I will start tomorrow. And read David Copperfield out loud with my husband…which we started tonight. (p.s. sorry about the lack of capital letters halfway through I am typing from my phone and it apparently wants me to seem retarded to all your many readers. Thanks phone. You suck.)

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