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Yes. That weird month where the weather has my kids cursing me every day after school for either freezing to death or boiling alive, there’s enough candy in the house to last us until my birthday next August, the rotting pumpkins on my front porch won’t fit on the compost pile, and that dreaded phone call to the ACA looms, since the website has somehow locked in our IP address and permanently blocked us out of an easy digital sign up.


I’ve been gone.

I know.

A little thing called Small Town Politics has kept me busy for the last four weeks, an experience I plan to fill you in on tomorrow, if I can get my act together.

Also, I admit, I just found Outlander, and I’m embarrassingly deep in a red-headed Scottish rabbit hole. Both the book and the show.

Outlander Book 1


It’s real.

I met the author several weeks ago, and she mentioned the phenomena known as the “Outlander Effect” which is the overwhelming urge to talk about the book or the series, when you are reading or watching it.

I scoffed at first, figuring anything that is this popular cannot possibly be good. (I’m such an elitist when it comes to literature.)

I was right about Twilight. I gave up two chapters into book 3. I was right about 50 Shades, which I didn’t even have to pick up.

But. I ate my words with The Hunger Games. I loved every minute spent devouring both the books and the movies.

And I eat my words with Outlander.

My only regret is that the first book is like a thousand pages, and the first available at the library was a first edition hard back. That thing weighed about five pounds, which seems like nothing until you’ve been holding it out of the bath water with one hand for 30 minutes.

Had to go e-reader on this one, which diminishes my reading experience. You know I need spoilers, and it is difficult to skim ahead when I’m reading on my iPhone.

Thus – the TV series, simultaneously.

I cannot even say one is better than the other. They are not equal and they are not exact, but they compliment each other.

It is weird for me to be so comfortable riding on a bandwagon. I can’t wait to discover all my new friendships as a result.

Leave a comment, or shoot me a text, if you want to join me in my escape from real life for a while.

Oh Hello, November

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