It is raining today. And a little chilly. And for the first day of October, I find myself saying, “Thank you North Carolina, and it is about time.”

I’m usually the touter of all things summer time, and have been claiming for many years that summer is my favorite season. I like the summer wardrobe better than winter. I’d rather be hot than cold. I like the long days. I like sunshine. Dare I admit this? I like being tan.

With little kids running around the house, however, summer is a lot of work. Right now, I enjoy the winter routine. I like that it is actually dark when my kids go to bed. I like making banana bread, pumpkin muffins, hearty soups. I like school.

I really like Halloween candy.

It struck me today, however, as it is rainy, and quiet, and a little cool outside, that mostly what I seem to be craving these days is the change in seasons. Just as the first day of tank top weather always gets me excited, so does the first day of sweatshirt weather. Lately, I don’t even hate having college football on TV in the background on Saturdays.

And, as uncharacteristic as this sounds (because it is), today I have an overwhelming urge to do something crafty. It will be short lived, I assure you, so I intend to get out my sewing machine and finish a couple projects that actually need to be done, before I embark on something completely new.

I hesitate to admit that I snooped around on Pinterest today, to compliment my coffee. (I did not create an account. Breathe.)

It only made me a little more excited about candy corn, and my plan to introduce my children (finally) to carmel apples this year (some with nuts, some with sprinkles, some with chocolate, some with everything). Also looking forward to chili. And fifteen been soup with kale. And apple and cranberry crisp. And counted cross stitch projects, and knitting baby hats.

I’m sure in a month, I’ll again be craving some really big, ripe, fresh blueberries, or strawberries that are red all the way through. I’ll think about yogurt and granola and sitting on my back porch without a blanket. I’ll probably complain about my pasty white legs and lack of options for tights in my current and ever so irregular size.

But not today.

Today, maybe I’ll get out some paints, and some old magazines and glue, and do collage with Eliott, the one and only art and/or craft that I actually enjoy doing with my children.

And since last week’s focus in Kindergarten on Johnny Appleseed, Eliott has also been begging me to make applesauce in the crock pot. It happens that our Produce Box has been pretty abundant with apples, the super fresh local kind that don’t keep long and aren’t terribly crisp. I just might take her up on that idea.

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