Who said I was above being nominated for Prom Queen?  Just because it never happened, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a secret desire.

You might notice the shiny new pink button to the right.  Click it.  Find The UnderToad (waaay at the bottom of the list) and vote.  You can do this once a day for the next ten days.  It is a silly little contest with no apparent prize, besides Internet fame.  Shameless plug for votes here people, but to be honest, I’d just like to finish in the top three.  (Think I can get 1,000 votes?)

I am a little late in the entry so there are only ten days left.  I think it would be awesome for The UnderToad to make a tortoise rocket-jet pack finish and cause all ten of the top blogs to go, “What the–?  Where’d this come from?!”

So will you tell your friends?

Popularity Contest
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