After weeks of terrible night time sleep and the most fabulous naps of my life on our blue Lazy Boy, at eleven o’clock last night I broke the news to John that I would be sleeping on the couch.

The result?  We’re considering investing in twin beds.  (Grandma and Grandpa Paulus, I totally get it now.)

I have just had the most productive day in fourteen weeks.  And so, I’m celebrating by eating a cinnamon roll and brogging about it.  (I just made that up.  Brogging.  You know, bragging on my blog.)

After making my bed (folding a blanket) and enjoying coffee and breakfast per Daddy’s Saturday routine, I skipped ahead and read the end of The Marriage Plot, and decided that after six months of waiting for this book to come at the library, I won’t actually be reading it afterall.

Then, I went out and checked on my garden, which seems to be thriving in my absence.  I tied up all tomato vines touching the ground, and then had Eliott count all the tomatoes coming in already.  (She stopped at ten.)

About this time, John was headed out the door to take the girls on their Saturday morning date time with Daddy (gym, Sam’s Club free samples, Home Depot, in that order, every Saturday) and on his way out he apologized about the mess in the kitchen, promising to take care of it later.

By this time I was writing the first entry in my brand new journal and downing a PowerBar and some Gatorade, so I clearly did not care.

At some point in the morning I vacuumed two weeks worth of hair off the bathroom floor.  Side note: I have a lot of hair.  It is an unfortunate polarity John and I seem to share.  And a few weeks ago in Spokane I got a really great hair cut that has literally halved my washing/drying time.  Yet, the daily accumulation of hair on the floor has not dwindled in the least.  The type A in me typically vacuums two or three times a week.  Imagine how bad I must feel to have let it go for two entire weeks.

Then, I vacuumed the rest of the upstairs, and emptied the nasty vacuum filter.

At about eleven, hungry for something in the meat food group, I used the leftover chicken I was saving for enchiladas and made chicken salad instead.  The mess in the kitchen started to bother me, so I cleaned it up, started the dishwasher, and ate a chicken salad wrap.  Meanwhile, thinking about the herbs I haven’t seen in a few weeks, I Googled “When to harvest oregano.”

After lunch number one, I changed out of my pj’s, started a load of laundry, and decided to tackle the oregano.  I don’t have a “before” photo, but this is the after.  I realize it is probably a bit difficult to imagine the damage I accomplished with nothing but a pillow and a pair of kitchen scissors.

What the right side of my “herb garden” looks like right now.

Does this help?

Hello, Oregano.

After a little bit more Googling and about two hours of me-time, I ended up with this:

In my laundry room, hanging beside the bridesmaid dress I have yet to put on Ebay.

Though not today, I plan to tackle the rosemary next.  Also, some transplanted mint has taken root and started to spread.  Though the previous home owner warned me that she did not plant it (and so, not to trust it), I plan to make mojitos tonight.

John’s heading to the store for rum and limes while I take a nap.

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