I hit sixteen weeks (two weeks ago today) with a vengeance.  As predicted, the nausea was gone.  And my energy is returning.  Enter melt-down number one.  I now have just enough energy to be bothered by the mess that is my house.  I do not yet have the energy to fully tackle it.  As it is, completing one or two tasks a day (outside of the normal routine of meals, entertainment, and bus driver) is about as much as I can handle, if I’m lucky.

Thank God I’m an American and have at least twenty pairs of underwear.

The headaches, at last, also seem to be letting up.  As in, I have not had a migraine in at least a week.  But this is more than likely due to the fact that exactly a week ago I finally got a prescription that is safe and effective on migraines and pregnancy.  I also got a really killer sleeping pill (for nausea, of all things) and up until last night had been cutting them in half.  I took a whole pill last night and despite the fact that John claims to have tossed and turned all night–fighting some virus and kidney thing–I slept like the dead.  Apparently I got up to pee in the middle of the night, as evidenced by my no-flush in the dark policy, a phenomena I have no memory of.

Suffice it to say, it takes very little brain and body power to keep up with a game of Scramble on my iPhone, yet, time and energy to blog (or fold clean clothes) escapes me.  Hence, my current high score and lack of UnderToad updates.

I do not apologize.

In other news:

  • Yesterday I discovered a most delicious means of eating zucchini, which I’m typically getting sick of by this time in the summer.  Zucchini pizza bites.  Think bagel bites, but substitute zucchini for the bagel.  I imagine this is quite the winner among my gluten free friends.  I say “imagine” because I try to avoid talking about all things “health” and “food” with most people, but especially those whose dietary habits are high maintenance.  On the other hand, I will gladly accept dinner invites virtually anywhere, and will never complain about a meal I didn’t cook.
  • No need for zucchini creativity this year, as my garden is nearly dead.  I believe it has to do with the above summer abundance fully taking over and sucking up all the nutrients from the soil.  With nothing left to lose, I plan to utilize the next semi-cool morning or evening to dig out the blasted squash, in all its prickly but now yellow glory, and attempt some composting efforts.  We’ll see if half-dead tomatoes like coffee as much as I do.  If not, at least I have my produce box to look forward to every Thursday.  (Note: Winston Salem friends looking to get rid of summer squash, or any other abundance from a normal healthy garden, I can be your eager dumping ground.)
  • Carter fell in the pool a few weeks ago without her yellow floaty on.  I didn’t see her fall in (I think she waded in from the steps and went too far) but noticed the struggling swimmer motions and instinctively traveled those ten feet faster than I had moved in an entire sixteen weeks.  She had not even inhaled any water and though frightened into silence, was otherwise fine.  It was one of those mothering moments I think every parent experiences at some point.  The, “I only took my eyes off her for a few seconds, but–” moment.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover the same feeling washed over me in that moment that comes over me every time one of my children pukes all over something (including me).  It is a weird sense of hyper-accute reflexes, lack of emotion, and strange calm.  Animalistic, to say the very least, like what a mama horse must feel when it is time to eat the placenta.  It wasn’t until the car ride home that the “what if’s” hit me, and now I can’t seem to get the picture of her frightened face out of my mind.  I can’t help but wonder if such wake-up calls, like progress reports, are necessary once in a while to remind us not to slack off.
  • Along the same lines, I had a dream the other night that Eliott could hold her breath and actually swim under water, something she has yet never demonstrated.  I woke up–it was a half-pill night–and thought, “God, I wish that was real.  What if she never learns to swim?”  I fell back asleep thinking, “Lord, please let Eliott learn how to swim this summer.”  The next day at the pool she was swimming under water with her eyes open and without plugging her nose.  We are probably but a few weeks away from survival in the deep end.  It was eerily satisfying.  I think I also realize that swimming is probably a lot like potty training and bike riding.  When they are ready, they are ready.  (Oh yes, and thank you Lord.  That was an unexpectedly quick turnaround for answered prayer.  Not surprised on the answer.  Just the timing.)
  • And finally, though I cannot boast of any recent sweepstakes winnings, you know I often feel like a winner when I find a great deal at the grocery store.  I was recently prepared to invest a good portion of my grocery budget in PowerBar Harvest bars (after unsuccessfully finding them cheap on Amazon) and probably should have also considered stock in the company.  At any rate, tired of multiple shopping trips to the dreaded idiot-breeding-ground known as Lowe’s Foods on Lewisville Clemmons Road, I decided to start buying the bars in bulk.  I found that when I purchase fifteen at a time (an entire box), I get a coupon for four dollars off my next grocery purchase at end of the transaction.  That coupon, spent ever so loyally at Harris Teeter, always triggers the printing of a three dollars off fifteen PowerBars coupon.  So essentially, my last three boxes of PowerBar Strawberry Crunch Harvest bars have cost less than fifty cents a bar.  Take that Amazon and Amazon Prime.

I promise no such notions of creativity in the upcoming weeks and no belly pictures.  I do, however, have thoughts about Fifty Shades of Gray and the OMG Diet brewing, the next time I have an entire hour and cup of coffee to myself.

So Here’s the Deal
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  • Fifty Shades of Grey: good storyline, I suppose, but the writing style annoyed me. It also gets cheesy as the series progresses. I gave up in the second book but people tell me it gets better.

    I’m stalking your blog, by the way. Finally had something I could comment on! I feel accomplished!

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