I mainly do these video posts for family, so forgive my obvious/obnoxious suburban mommy-blog aren’t-my-children-the-greatest posts.

You know I don’t try to be that Mom.

As of yet, I’ve not promised that home videos and picture slide shows will “never” be playing in the background of a life celebration at some point. Now that we have Apple TV, it is all made easier.

The first two are Carter, who is in black in the back. Sorry for the bad camera placement. The second two are Eliott, who should be obvious by her attitude and sass alone. This girl might have a future as a Laker Girl. Enjoy.








Not that anyone is counting, but if you want to subscribe to my You Tube videos, apparently that’s a thing now. I can’t direct on how to do it, but by all means, feel free to post directions in the comments if you figure it out.

Some Dance Camp Cuteness
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One thought on “Some Dance Camp Cuteness

  • It’s all about the “look” – and both these cuties have it! Who cares about “step in time” when you look so great in the outfit. That’s really the only key to being good at golf – having the right clothes…and attitude…

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