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  • The lingering scent of John’s cologne on Carter’s head, from where he got her out of bed this morning.
  • The “Attitude Chart” we started yesterday, which seemed a bit of flop.  Eliott’s first words this morning: I’m going to get lots of stars on my chart today Mommy.  (Yes – you – are.)
  • The pear trees in our back yard are in full white bloom.  From the upstairs windows they look like snow.  I’m loving that they are not, in fact, snow, and that there is no chance of another snow in the near future.  (*When outside, I am not loving the way these same trees smell like feet.)
  • Every time I get Carter out of the high chair, I love the way she last-second-grabs two hand-fulls of whatever is left on the tray, for the road.  I recall Eliott did the same thing.
  • The upcoming St. Patrick’s Day party (I refuse to use the word playdate, which is what this really is) at the home of a real Irish Catholic friend, and the promise of Guinness and/or Bailey’s before noon.  (I’m skipping Thursday morning Bible study for this.  Remind me why I’m not Catholic anymore?)
Some things I’m loving this morning…

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