I’ve been a little absent from the Internet.  But not from life.  Oh no.

I’ve been getting things done.  Lots of things.  Hidden messes became large piles.  Large piles are becoming small piles.  Some small piles are disappearing, and bedrooms are surfacing.

In my hormonal pursuit to get things done before December 5th, I’ve been making lists, calendars, and labels.  I don’t typically dig around the mommy blogging network for ideas in these matters, as I’m prone to believing I am probably doing everything better than anyone anyway, but alas, I have recently–accidentally–run across some ideas that I just couldn’t help but find genius.

So I’m passing along some nuggets.  Then I’ll post all about my most recent accomplishments.

Some excellent apple tips that I’m using with regularity:

  • Wash apples and other pesticide ridden produce with water and a couple shakes of baking soda.
  • Store baking soda in a handy spice shaker and the above process is even easier.
  • Soak cut apples in some sea salt water to preserve freshness and prevent brownage.  -OR-
  • Cut apple with one of those apple slicers and put the entire thing back together with a rubber band before packing it in a lunch.

Some laundry tips that also seem to be working:

  • I’ve been out of dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener for more weeks than I want to admit. A little bit of vinegar in the rinse cycle cuts static better than nothing.
  • Cut drying time by at least a quarter by throwing two or three tennis balls in the dryer with the clothes.  (I love this because I dry everything on low, which preserves color but often takes a cycle and a half to get everything done.  No longer.)
  • The above tip also prevented my sheets from wadding up in a tight ball and leaving one corner wet and completely wrinkled.
  • Currently looking in to making wool dryer balls.  Will update if this ever happens.
    UPDATE: My mother in law raised some sheep and made me some wool dryer balls. I used them for over two years. As of 2017, I’m no longer using them. At any given time, about 10 were in and out of the dryer (always one or two under a bed or the couch or something). They are okay. They don’t completely eliminate static, which I can’t have. Also, they are loud. John was eager to be done with the noise. I’m back on to dryer sheets. I’ve read the scentless kind are the best, but I confess I buy whatever is on the best sale.
  • Remove green ink pad ink (or other thumb print arts and crafts at church) from a cute dress using cheap hairspray and a toothbrush.  NOTE: this one seems to work better and quicker when Mimi is the one actually tackling the stain.
Some Tips for Tuesday: Random, but Totally Worth It

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  • humm, I have never wanted to do the tennis ball thing as I did not want to hear the noise but I will try to make some balls out of my own wool. If it works I will make some for you

    1. Ooh, I didn’t even think about that (your wool, I mean, not the noise. The noise…I just don’t run the dryer before bed, hah). I think that just a little smaller than tennis balls is a better size. And for sure, you can send me some.

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