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It’s two-o’clock and I open the microwave to nuke the lunch I’m finally sitting down to eat, and there’s my half-full coffee mug, already cold again.

Admit it. I’m not the only one with this problem.

The month of May in the year 2017, has been the month from hell. You can read just a snippet about it here.

But today (hello June!) I’m going to focus on the positive.

Because they say gratitude is good for the soul.

Behold: The Best Coffee Tumbler Ever

*I need to admit that this is not a sponsored post, though I think I get a kickback from Amazon if you click the link and order this tumbler.

This is actually another WonderBra post. When a product/company exercises a modicum of customer service at just the right time, they are going to get some free publicity from me.

May was an easy month to be nice to me.

Sometime last Fall, I left my favorite coffee tumbler in a store.

John got me a new one for Christmas.

A new sub-par coffee mug. Sub-par because it did not have a wide enough opening to fit a straw. This is a hard thing to find today unless you want to drink your coffee out of one of those clear plastic monstrosities clearly meant Kool-Aid or buy a Yeti, which I refuse to do for obvious reasons: a). the ungodly price, and b). I’m not a hunter and don’t wish to be mistaken for one.

(I’m not anti-hunting in the same way I’m not anti-Nascar; I’m not sure I need to explain the reasons for my disassociation with either.)

I originally ordered this tumbler by searching for “coffee tumbler with straw.” Here’s why I like drinking my coffee through a straw: it minimizes spillage, protects my teeth (I tell myself), and allows me to drink in the car without taking my eyes off the road. Also, once I’m done with my coffee for the morning, I tend to refill the same mug with water and find I drink a lot more when I’m drinking through a straw.

Life-hack: drinking through a straw helps with increasing daily water intake.

I ordered this fantastic mug in pink. It fits my straw. It fits my cup holder in the car. It fits in the palm of my hand. And, it fit my budget. Heat-retention was, in fact, a side benefit. No lie, if you are trying to break the habit of microwaving your coffee, this mug sat in my car for four hours one morning and when I returned, my coffee was still piping hot.

As fate would have it, my son knocked this fantastic mug off the table one afternoon and broke the plastic lid. I thought about some hot glue, some super glue, some gorilla glue, but in the end I went with tape.

John loves my ghetto solutions to $20 problems, you know he does. He was immediately ready to order me a completely new mug.

Instead, he emailed the company first to ask if we could simply buy a replacement lid.

They wrote back with something like: Apologies. We don’t have just lids for sale. (You moron.)

I told him, if you want to get something done, you have to make your request public, via Facebook.

And I was right.

Boroux immediately (and for free) shipped us just a brand new lid.

I love this mug.

I officially love this company.

And the month of May is over. (I’m still not ready to talk about it.)

Treat yourself.


Stop Microwaving Your Coffee

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