In honor of my favorite lunch of the week, served every Tuesday for five summers of my life and at least one Tuesday a summer for about ten years of my life, I continue the tradition for Tuesday night dinner with my family.

But Taco Tuesday doesn’t just mean seasoned ground beef and some crunchy shells.

Sometimes it is enchiladas.

Sometimes it is quesadillas.

Sometimes (tonight) it is this funky crockpot concoction of chicken, beans, corn, salsa, cream cheese, and tortillas.

Almost always it is a Tex-Mex combination of leftover meat and veggies in the fridge, combined with shredded cheddar and sour cream. Always, it boasts of very little clean up.

As if Taco Tuesday wasn’t enough to look forward to once a week, tonight I am stealing an idea from someone who frequently outranks me on the completely-inappropriate-yet-totally-relevant scale, and adding Toilet Tuesday to my weekly standby’s.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are easy days around here. Carter isn’t in school which means Eliott goes all day. We start early at the gym, stop by Bible Study once in a while for a little breakfast and spiritual catch-up, and then come home and do nothing. It is great. Carter reacquaints herself in a playroom full of toys with a new sense of not-sharing-with-Eliott empowerment, I often find myself reheating a cup of coffee somewhere around 11:00, and frequently find time to clean the house.

Somehow, barring all pressing responsibility time-constraints, laundry, mopping, and the occasional swipe of a toilet brush doesn’t seem so chore-like.

And now that I’m calling it “Toilet Tuesday,” I really feel like I’m going to be empowered to accomplish something.

I was only made aware of such a genius idea about fourteen minutes ago, so I should admit that I did not clean toilets today.

I did, however, come to the rescue in a minor toilet and toothbrush incident that happened while Carter was– multi-tasking, so to speak.

Thus, the premier of Toilet Tuesday.

Taco Tuesday
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