• The container garden I planted for the explicit purpose of mobility (anticipating the move we actually made) is growing more tomatoes than all three years I planted them in the ground.
  • The garden owl I just ordered from Amazon. Oh. And Amazon Prime and the time it saved me from running around Winston-Salem looking for a garden owl.
  • Season 3 of¬†Orange is the New Black. (So glad I’m no longer in a job where I cannot admit this publicly.) Season 2 had such a slow start and ended on such a high note for me, from Crazy Eyes’ interrogation to successfully predicting the cancer chick plowing into V in the stolen prison van. Genius. It almost warrants a re-watch.
  • Anticipating¬†John power washing the swing set this weekend. Things that haven’t bothered me until they bothered me. I need to actually witness erasing so many months of bird poop.
  • Listening to my oldest child talk to herself in the next room as she plays with her sister’s paper dolls.
  • The Scrabble letters I hot glued magnets to yesterday, which are sitting in a mason jar on top of the fridge.

Keeping it short and sweet today, as I ease myself back into this creative outlet I have so long neglected. Instead of using “my life is mundane” as an excuse, I’m in the mood to celebrate it.

Things I’m Mildly Excited About

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