Despite the fact that Labor Day was two weekends ago and all the public pools are closed, ladies in North Carolina are still wearing white and the weather is still set to summer.  Today in the car Eliott asked, “Mommy, when does school get over?”  I’m thinking, kid, today was your third day, what’s wrong with you?  In reality, she was trying to get a mental grasp on the meaning of seasons.

From different half-hearted Mommy answers to any number of her one billion questions, she seems to understand that school starts in the Fall, that Fall means the leaves fall from the trees, and that she should be able to wear certain clothes that she’s been waiting to wear.  What she doesn’t understand is how the trees still haven’t gotten the message to drop their leaves, nor why it is still “too hot for tights today.”

I’ve given up on the long answer to things, as I’ve discovered my children will pretty much decide to understand anything they’ve made up their mind to be interested in, and, well, they take a lot more at face value than most give them credit for.  As a result, Eliott has now added “global warming” to her vocabulary list and has resigned herself to waiting until Mommy says it’s okay to wear tights to school.

Yesterday, when her teacher informed me that she had “forgotten to put on panties” under her dress, I had to bite my tongue from admitting that this probably wasn’t an accident.  For the entire drive home, Eliott kept asking, “But why do I have to wear underwear?  It’s hot outside.  I want to be liberating.  I like no underwear.  It feels good.  Why do we have to wear underwear, Mommy?”  At a loss, I finally just told her, “Because Eve ate the apple, and you know what, underwear is the least of your worries.”

I too seem to be a little out of sorts with the delay in seasonal change, despite the change in our schedules.  I can’t seem to get a grasp on my things to do list nor how to make the best use of my pre-school mornings.  Though I complained about our summer schedule (or lack there of), summer has lasted so long that my body refuses to get into the mode of Fall.

I was recently recruited by a former colleague to assist in a Bible curriculum development project for Christian Schools International.  Basically, we’re updating the textbook and teacher manual for a new edition and must be finished by December 15th.  (Correction: she is updating the text; I am acting as a sounding board, idea machine, and big picture editor.)  The task is by no means daunting, and I certainly have more than enough time to devote ten hours of my week to actual paid work, but somehow, every time I sit down at my computer to do what I normally do very well, I find myself immediately plagued by a mental list of hundreds of other things I need to do.  I keep adding to my ever growing list of books to read, and requesting them at the library.  As emails pour in announcing my holds are ready for pick up, I’m wondering when I’m going to have time to sit down and pleasure read.

I need to find a dentist and make appointments for the entire family.

I need to find myself a new doctor, and have my annual physical.

I need to go get my license renewed which expired on my birthday, a month ago.

I pulled about 4 years worth of children’s clothes from Eliott’s closet which need to be organized, priced, and tagged for a consignment sale next week.

I’m going to two weddings in the next month, one of which I have actual wedding party duties to attend to.  I was chosen to host a house party for the same weekend as that wedding and am wondering exactly where I can fit Johnsonville Italian Sausage into the schedule.

So here I sit, rereading my Suburban Mom List of Negligibly Important Things To Do, and because it is only 3:30 and dinner is already planned, I think I’m actually just going to go take a nap.  Why?  Because it is close to 90 degrees outside, and my body can’t help but believe it is still summer time.

Things To Do
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  • Here in MI we are slowly being drawn into fall. The temp. today is in the low 70’s. The trees are showing some colors. There is a lot of sunshine. Larry picked corn, pumpkins and squash today. I wore jeans to work. I love fall and the change in seasons. Love ya MI Mom

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