Things which encourage me to believe I have it all together:
  1. Waking up on a school day at 8:25am and getting both children dressed, fed, brushed, and out the door, ON TIME.
  2. Taking naps in the afternoon.  Just because I can.
  3. A clean kitchen.
  4. Folded laundry.
  5. Putting my kids to bed at 8 o’clock and being done for the night.  Every night.
  6. Eating Brussels sprouts and meatloaf (childhood punishment foods) and liking them both.  A lot.
  7. Letting Eliott do Play-Doh in my kitchen for the first time in her life under my direction and not having even a single conniption, mental or otherwise.  (Note: this was also well before my 4:30 clock-out-and-start-drinking-time.  Double bonus.)
  8. Spontaneous 4 year old announcements like, “Today I’m going to have a good attitude all day,” and “I have a lot of work to do in my room, Mom.  You can see when I’m done.” (This means she’s picking up.  By herself.)
Things which bring me back down to earth:

    kids and watercolors

One last point about that “having it together” thing:
  1. My presence of mind to take a picture of this.
We’ve Got it Together

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